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Light-emitting diodes, known as LEDs, have existed more than 40 years, but only recent innovation and technology advances have made them bright enough to provide useful lighting in commercial and residential settings. Unlike traditional light bulb sources LED’s today:

  • Are able to sustain high light output under demanding operating conditions.
  • Do not burn out instantaneously like normal light bulbs, but rather degrade over a period of many years or even decades of continuous operation, thus enabling nearly maintenance-free operation.
  • The life time of replacement led light bulbs is around 50,000 hours; that means that under normal use LED light bulbs will not need replacing for 12 years. Using LED lamps means that replacement costs as well as the man hours spent replacing the lamps are reduced.
  • Does not use any mercury or lead in the product.
  • Are extremely efficient at converting electric power into visible light (currently up to 5x more efficient than standard light bulbs) as well as producing no infrared light that provides the warming effect experienced with normal filament-type bulbs.
  • This high efficiency not only means lower energy consumption for the lighting itself, but less secondary heat generation leading to substantial savings in air conditioning costs as well.

Difference between CFL’s, Bulbs & LED’s:

  • The mercury released by CFLs is 5.01 milligrams and that by bulbs stands at 4.56 milligrams over 6000 hours of operations. LED bulbs produce a miniscule 0.6318 milligrams of mercury in this time frame. This is 7 times less than either CFLs or bulbs.
  • They use around a seventh of the electricity used by bulbs and half that of CFLs.
  • There are no greenhouse gas emissions of reverse logistics as will happen in the case of CFLs.
  • They last for almost a decade compared to a year or less for bulbs and 2 years for CFLs– the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the transport of LEDs is obviously less than that for wither lighting device.